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Building Nutrition Knowledge Through Online Learning


  • Tuesday, October 13, 2020
  • 3 Minute Read   

Learn more about new Online Nutrition Builders.

The diverse and multi-faceted topic of nutrition can engage students through independent or teacher-led class activities. Dairy Council of California’s five-topic Builders series for elementary students builds nutritional knowledge in three steps: explore, explain and empower. Embed Builders into online learning platforms and engage students in real-world topics so they can apply nutrition knowledge and healthy eating practices to their life.  

Builder Series

Builders can accompany Dairy Council of California’s curriculum for further learning or stand alone to introduce a nutrition topic. Each Builder activity provides an explanation of a topic, activities to explore the topic further and a goal-setting application to empower students to apply their learning and put healthy habits into practice. 

Each Builder includes two Google slide decks, one for educators and another for students. The educator slides feature two short videos. The first introduces the series and the learning prompts; the second short how-to video walks through the steps to embed these resources into the Google Classroom online learning platform for quick and easy implementation. Fast Facts for each topic provide background information to help answer questions. Students can show their learning through prompts provided within the slides and interact with the educators in real time or on their own. 


Interactive Builders introduce healthy eating patterns and habits by highlighting key topics: MyPlate, Breakfast, Snacks, Beverages and Farm to You. All Builders include activities, an informational video link, a PE component that gets students up and moving. Additionally, the educator deck lists alignment to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, as well as the incorporation of Physical Education and Health standards. 


MyPlate: The essential question of the MyPlate Builder is, “How can I build MyPlate?” Students explore USDA’s MyPlate icon and the five food groups. They explain their learning and set a goal to try new foods from the food groups. 

Breakfast: The essential question of the Breakfast Builder is, “Can breakfast boost brainpower?” Students explore how breakfast helps them learn, play and grow. They explain their learning and set a goal to help prepare breakfast. 

Snacks: The essential question of the Snacks Builder is, “How can I be a smart snacker?” Students explore how healthy snacks include two of the five food groups. They explain their learning and set a smart snacking goal to plan healthy snacks for themselves. 

Beverages: The essential question of the Beverages Builder is, “Why are beverages an important part of a healthy eating pattern?” Students explore what healthy beverages are and how they aid healthy eating habits. Students explain their learning and set a goal to consume healthy beverages every day. 

Farm to You: The essential question of the Farm to You Builder is, “How do dairy foods go from Farm to You?” Students explore the food system and learn how dairy travels from the farm to their home or school. Students explain their learning and set a goal to show their gratitude to one person involved in the food system. 

Dairy Council of California supports all learners to make balanced food choices for lifelong healthy eating. Find more information and resources to incorporate nutrition education and make healthy eating easier at HealthyEating.org/Builders.

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