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Engaging Students with Online Resources


  • Friday, March 20, 2020
  • 3 Minute Read   

Discover resources to keep students engaged in learning.

When children are at home for long periods, like summer or unexpected school closures, it is important to keep them engaged in learning. Dairy Council of California offers a variety of online resources for all learners.

Food Literacy Activities for Kindergarten to Fifth Grade

Easy-to-use and ready-to-go lessons and activities for elementary students aligned to Common Core State Standards. These comprehensive activities include informational or literary reading passages, student worksheets and an answer key. Activities reinforce nutrition education while students practice reading, analyzing text and communicating through writing. 

Agricultural Literacy and Farm to You Activities

A video series brings the Mobile Dairy Classroom experience to life. Learn how milk gets from the farm to you with these activities. Pre- and post-activities allow all learners to explore this topic area further.

Online Education for Middle and High School Students

Exercise Your Options, our middle school nutrition program, aligns to education standards, uses a proven behavior-change model and helps preteens apply decision-making skills to real-life issues that influence their health. The nutrition lessons are skills-based to help apply problem-solving, reasoning and critical thinking techniques, making students successful in the classroom and beyond. It is a fun way to apply and integrate Science, Social Studies, Health, Language Arts, Math or Physical Education. The lessons teach preteens to consider their options, develop realistic plans, set goals and identify obstacles to improve their daily food and activity choices.

Eat, Move, Win for high school is easy to use at home. Simply log in or register to get started learning about better eating and healthy habits. Eat, Move, Win is an interactive, five-lesson program that empowers and engages the learner, providing relevant topics important to teen health through engaging, turnkey lessons, activities and auto-graded quizzes. All content aligns to current research-based nutrition information and California Health and PE standards. Complete lessons and test your learning with these online assessments:

SMART Start Planner Perf Task 

Test Your Knowledge: Mixed Meals 

Test Knowledge: Misclassified Foods

Games and Interactive Resources for All Ages

These online games are fun and engaging while teaching about nutrition and healthy eating. Interactive tools embedded with healthy eating, exercise and food literacy messages support learners of all ages.

Quizzes and Challenges

For students interested in testing their knowledge and challenging themselves and classmates, try these online quizzes designed to encourage curiosity and start conversations. These resources are best suited for ages 8 years and older.

Quizlets for Grade 3 and Up

Key Nutrients

Classify Foods

Shaping Up My Choices Vocabulary

Food Group Quizlet

Nutrition Terms Review

Mixed Meals

Mixed Meals (short)

Hard to Classify Foods


Power Up My Breakfast

Serving Sizes

Get Started Nutrition Knowledge

Wrap It Up Nutrition Knowledge


Dairy Council of California supports all learners to make balanced food choices for lifelong healthy eating. Find a wealth of information to make healthy eating easier at HealthyEating.org.

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