Kindergarten Nutrition Lesson Plans Teach Healthy Eating


Nutrition Curriculum for Kindergarten

Building a Healthy Me! 

Providing the Foundation for a Lifetime of Healthy Habits

Our kindergarten nutrition education program gives teachers the flexibility they need by offering fun activities that span 5-15 minutes and fit into a variety of classroom themes. Plus extension activities provide even more options so that teachers can teach what they want, when they want.

Building a Healthy Me! nutrition lesson plans aligns to education standards, uses a proven behavior change process and gives transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students the foundation they need to make healthy food choices. 

Teachers love using Building a Healthy Me! because:

  • they see students making healthy choices almost immediately
  • it gives them a fun way to apply the Common Core State Standards and easily integrates into lessons, themes and subjects they are already teaching
  • they know nutrition is a vital topic that isn't included in the standard curriculum
  • a 30-minute online teacher training gives them a foundation in nutrition concepts

Read What Teachers Say About the Kindergarten Program.

With Building a Healthy Me! nutrition lessons, kindergarten students learn to:

  • Identify foods from all five food groups
  • Match specific colors to each food group
  • Classify foods into the appropriate food group
  • Select healthy snacks that are made up of food-group foods
  • Understand the importance of breakfast as a healthy start to each day

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Your Program Materials

Building a Healthy Me! includes the following components. Before teaching the program each year, reorder student workbooks and check to make sure you have all the materials available. If you are missing anything, please contact us.

Nutrition 101 in 30 Minutes!

Education Standards

View the following to see how Building a Healthy Me! aligns to California standards for Common Core, nutrition competencies, health and physical education as well as all national standards:

California Alignments by Unit

National Alignments by Unit

Sample Songs

Learn the tune or play along with your students

When nutrition is added to the curriculum students:

  • Discuss nutrition with friends and family.
  • Make better choices in the lunch line and grocery store.
  • Hold each other accountable for making healthy choices.
  • Bring healthier snacks to school.
  • Enjoy sharing their stories about nutrition.
Activity Resources

Blackline masters and other
resources to support main activities
in each unit:

Rave Reviews: What are the Teachers Saying?

Teachers love that our nutrition curriculum works so well in the classroom. The nutrition lesson plans for kindergarten have undergone rigorous field testing to evaluate student outcomes. This process helps us to refine the lessons until they become teacher-friendly, fun for students and effective.

Here is what teachers are saying about these kindergarten nutrition lesson plans.

Building 21st Century Skills

Common Core Extension Activities


Building a Healthy Me! supports the Common Core State Standards (review alignments), but if you are looking for more ways to build Common Core skills, try these extension activities. The comprehensive activities include informational or literary reading passages, student worksheets and an answer key. With these activities you will be reinforcing nutrition lessons while students practice reading, analyzing text and communicating through writing. 



Informational Text Activities

Literary Text Activities

Dairy Council of California programs and nutrition lesson
plans align with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.