The Future is Bright For Dairy Industry

The Future is Bright for Dairy Industry

Randall Dei, Director U.S. Ice Cream/Industry Relations, Safeway; Board Chair, Dairy Council of California

During the past two years, Dairy Council of California has become a true 21st century organization delivering dairy-positive nutrition campaigns to many more Californians.

It’s important to let you, our investors, know that expanding our reach—whether with schoolchildren and parents, health professionals and their patients or consumers from all walks of life—comes at no extra cost. Without reducing services, the organization finds novel ways to cut expenditures and free up resources to reach new audiences.

This prudent effort is coupled with a team empowered to go beyond what has been traditionally done. The team is encouraged to dig deeper into the education and community environments to build new relationships at a grassroots level. Staff morale and productivity are high. All this is testament to our CEO, Tammy Anderson-Wise, and is resulting in growing recognition and respect as well as an expanded customer base.

Embracing and leveraging technology is a critical strategy. Moving from traditional pen and paper to digital delivery and online versions of many of our programs is boosting learning effectiveness and attracting new customers.

Dairy Council of California is also remarkably skilled at using social media, including Facebook, Twitter and the increasingly important blogosphere; we’re sharing healthy eating messages with hundreds of thousands of people we never reached before. A major expansion of our video-based programming in the future will increase our commitment to electronic education.

Finally, the dairy advocacy program created by Dairy Council of California is an extremely effective tool for addressing challenges big and small.

Dairy Council of California is positioned nicely for the future, and I believe the next decade will be our most exciting and effective period for developing a lifelong value for milk and milk products among Californians.