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Dairy Council of CA Releases ‘The Healthy Eating TABLE’


  • Monday, February 24, 2020
  • 3 Minute Read   

Analyzed research on nutrition education and healthy eating patterns.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 24, 2020- Dairy Council of California, a nutrition education organization committed to elevating the health of children and families, announced the release of the latest issue of The Healthy Eating TABLE, a scientific review that translates, amplifies and bridges the latest evidence in nutrition and dairy science. This issue of The Healthy Eating TABLE elevates the importance of prioritizing the nutritional needs of children to ensure they are supported for optimal growth, development and lifelong health. 

The Healthy Eating TABLE provides the latest in research and nutrition science, empowering health professionals and educators with knowledge to make teaching healthy eating patterns easier. With a focus on the nutritional needs of children, this issue addresses the existing risks and opportunities available to ensure children are supported for optimal health.  

“The Heathy Eating TABLE provides a credible platform to invite health professionals and changemakers to the table to elevate the nutritional needs of children,” said Ashley Rosales, registered dietitian nutritionist and director of nutrition science at Dairy Council of California. “Through shared knowledge and collaboration, we can find realistic, science-based solutions that will empower healthier children and communities.”
Key findings highlighted in this issue:

Establishing healthy beverage patterns for children are critically important, setting a strong foundation for lifelong heath.

Increased access to nutritious foods through school meals and federal nutrition assistance programs helps ensure children are adequately nourished.

Milk and dairy foods are an important part of dietary recommendations for children.

The unique nutritional needs of children must be considered when setting policies intended to improve child health and nutrition, and create healthier communities.

“Health professionals, educators and community leaders all play a role in fostering optimal health and greater access to nutritious foods,” said Dairy Council of California project manager Kristal Shelden, who holds a master’s degree in public health from University of California, Davis and was lead writer of the new publication. “By putting the nutritional needs of children first, we can help to ensure they grow healthfully, laying the foundation for lifelong success.”

The Healthy Eating TABLE, in its entirety, is available at HealthyEating.org/TABLE.