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Nutrition Education Resources for Parents

Free Nutrition Booklets for Parents

Our parent nutrition booklets can be used for self-instruction or as part of group learning  and offer practical, actionable information to help parents teach their kids about healthy eating and physical activity habits.Four versions are available: English and Spanish for parents with young (2- to 5-year-olds) or school-age children (6- to 12-year olds).

preschool parent nutrition education sample booklet
  Healthy Eating for Your Young Child provides guidance on what foods and how much a 2- to 5-year-old child needs to eat for healthy growth and development. Provides action steps to the parent in providing healthy meals and snacks that kids will love to eat and that are good for them!   Download the Educator Guide   

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  Building on the Young Child version, Healthy Eating for Busy Families booklet provides parents the information and advice they need to keep their children eating healthy as they grow and begin making independent decisions.   Download the Educator Guide  

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  Pregnancy: Developing Healthy Moms + Babies provides a brief but essential primer on nutrition for expectant moms. Answers the most common questions about pressing topics including healthy weight gain, physical activity, postpartum weight loss and more.   Download the Educator Guide  

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  Activity + Eating is the perfect booklet for general nutrition knowledge for adults, providing action steps to make balanced food choices and adding physical activity into daily routines.   Download the Educator Guide   

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Parent Nutrition Education Presentations

Our turnkey presentations address topics that are most important to parents. Use the materials to develop your own presentation or play a recorded version. Scripts are available in English and Spanish and each presentation is accompanied by handouts, resources and outlines for you to plan a complete and successful group learning experience. 

Downloadable Nutrition Handouts and Tip Sheets

nutrition downloadables printables tip sheets

Covering topics from healthy snacks to getting more protein; healthy shopping lists to choosing the right beverage, you will find the perfect handout to offer small-step, actionable ideas for healthy eating. 

Download and print the handouts to display, pass out during meetings or appointments, or use at health fairs. 

 View the complete list of printable tip sheets

Online Healthy Eating Tools

These online tools and downloadable worksheets will jump-start or improve a healthy eating plan.


Healthy Eating Videos

This selection of videos addresses parents' most commonly asked nutrition questions. Find additional Healthy Eating Videos for students and teachers.