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Positive Parenting Approaches for Picky Eaters

Positive Parenting Approaches for Picky EatersParents know it’s important for children to eat well, but how often does this turn into a power struggle with picky eaters? Health educators, PTA or PTO groups providing nutrition parent classes can show the narrated PowerPoint on feeding picky eaters or download the script in English or Spanish. Ordering the resource material or downloading the tip sheets gives parents a resource to help them at home. The focus of this presentation is to learn ways to lessen family battles over food. It begins with a philosophy of healthy eating and then moves on to practical tips at the table.

Recommended Resources


Length of complete presentation - 30 minutes

Materials needed:

Download/copy Handouts (if ordering booklets, allow one month lead time)

Class Outline

Opening Activity – Common concerns about Picky Eaters

Introduction and objectives for presentation

Narrated Slide Show (20 mins)

10 minutes for Group Discussion

Distribute “Downloaded Handouts”

Next Steps – Based on the presentation, ask parents what they will try to do at home.