High School Online Nutrition Program Teaches Healthy Eating

Eat Move Win online high school program

Empower Teens to Improve Their Health

New online nutrition program for high school

Eat Move Win is an interactive, five-lesson program that empowers students to take small steps to better eating and healthier habits. It was created in collaboration with registered dietitian nutritionists and education professionals to provide an engaging learning experience for your students, while leveraging technology to help you work smarter, not harder.

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Eat Move Win Features:

  • Relevant topics important to teen health
  • Engaging lessons and activities 
  • Turnkey lessons and auto-graded quizzes
  • Current, research-based nutrition information
  • Alignment to California Health and PE standards 
  • Lessons and resources available at no charge


The Eat Move Win curriculum is an excellent way to get high school students involved with their eating habits. Students are introduced to nutritional information in a way that is easy for them to process.


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Student Outcomes

Eat Move Win nutrition lessons teach and reinforce lifelong skills beyond nutrition and health.

Key Skills Developed

  • Decision-making, goal setting and critical thinking
  • Ability to read and understand authentic and technical text
  • Awareness of consumer and external influences on personal actions
  • Argumentation with evidence-based claims
  • Application of knowledge for lifelong healthy eating and physical activity habits

Learning Objectives

  • Students explore the connections between the food groups and main nutrients
  • Students can estimate recommended serving sizes using their hands
  • Students examine commonly under-consumed nutrients and the consequences of omitting food groups
  • Students generalize about healthy eating patterns and the benefits of eating breakfast
  • Students create a personal nutrition SMART goal

Additional Teen Nutrition Resources

Activity + Eating for Teens Booklets

A self-instructional booklet is also available for health educators, PE teachers, health professionals and school-based health clinics to use with teens in classroom or counseling settings.


Healthy Eating for Teens Online Pathway

Interactive teen tool for learning ways to eat healthier and live an active life.


Dairy Council of California programs
and nutrition lesson plans align with the
Dietary Guidelines for Americans.