What Are the Best Food Sources of Probiotics?
What Are the Best Food Sources of Probiotics?

Probiotic bacteria have long been associated with dairy products. This is because some of the same bacteria that are used in fermented dairy products (yogurt, cheese, kefir and the like) also make up the intestinal microbiota.

Dairy products are a desirable probiotic “delivery vehicle” for several reasons:

  • Dairy foods can protect probiotic bacteria from high acid levels in the stomach, allowing higher levels of probiotics to reach the intestine.
  • Refrigeration of dairy products helps promote the stability of probiotics.
  • People are often afraid of bacteria in foods but have a positive perception of the terms “live, active cultures” linked to fermented dairy foods.
  • Probiotic-containing dairy products make healthy functional-food packages. Probiotics provide an added value to milk products that already have high levels of vitamins, minerals and protein needed for healthy growth and development in children and health and disease prevention in adults.

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