What Role Does Protein Play in Building Strong Bones?
What Role Does Protein Play in Building Strong Bones?

protein and strong bones

What Role Does Protein Play in Building Strong Bones?

Protein-packed foods are a hot trend in the food industry and among consumers due to benefits ranging from muscle building to weight management, blood sugar control to healthy aging. But, what about the age-old story about protein leaching calcium out of bones?

Does Protein Leach Calcium From Bones?

Scientists have studied this issue of protein intake and bone health for years. Indeed, it was once thought that higher protein diets caused the body to lose calcium. However, newer research has found that high protein intake also increases intestinal calcium absorption, offsetting its effect on calcium excretion. More simply, the body needs both protein and calcium, in the right proportions, for strong bones.

Various other studies have shown that bone mineral density may actually benefit from high-protein diets if the diet meets the recommended dietary allowance of calcium and vitamin D. In other words, eating foods rich in calcium offsets a possible protein-calcium loss relationship. This intuitively makes sense, as protein is an important part of bones!

Milk and dairy foods provide both the calcium and protein that bones need, in the right proportions, making it an excellent food to consume throughout life to build and maintain strong bones. A glass of milk contains 8-10 grams of protein, about one-fifth the daily recommendation for a 135-pound person.


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