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HealthyElf on the Shelf

HealthyElf looks up physical activity and healthy eating activity options for his school on the Fuel Up To Play 60 website.

#HealthyElf knows that eating a balanced breakfast provides fuel for learning and helps students do better in school. Breakfast in the classroom programs, like this one at Rowan Elementary in San Diego, ensure that all students are ready to start the school day with full tummies and minds ready for learning.

#HealthyElf is getting a good start by signing his school up for healthy eating & activities! @FUTP60 

HealthyElf knows you're never too old for playtime. It's better to slide through life with a smile on your face.

HealthyElf knows that walking our canine companions is a great way to be physically active every day

HealthyElf knows household chores help children learn responsibility. Kids can help sort colors, measure detergent and fold clothes.

HealthyElf grabs a pal and plays a board game on a drizzly, damp day.

HealthyElf lets his imagination soar while attending the National Science Teachers' Conference.

HealthyElf gets a little carried away with dental care. Brushing and flossing twice a day is a healthy habit that lasts a life time.

HealthyElf knows it's important to compare food labels, to choose the healthiest cereal, because better days start with a well balanced breakfast.

HealthyElf shares simple snack ideas using food group foods during a presentation for parents.

HealthyElf enjoys Farm to School and Smarter Lunchrooms Movement at a Roseville school cafeteria salad bar.

HealthyElf gets stuck on good nutrition. Making small changes over time helps create lasting healthy habits.

HealthyElf learns how free classroom nutrition lessons can help teachers practice Common Core State Standards.

HealthyElf tries out tent camping, since elves and people alike enjoy fresh air and physical activity.

HealthyElf creates a balanced lunch with food models representing all five food groups.

HealthyElf learns how to eat healthy at the food court, part of the Exercise Your Options nutrition lessons for middle school students.

HealthyElf is udderly engaged in learning about different cow breeds and milk fat content at AgVentures in Tulare.

HealthyElf watches a parent education presentation about role modeling healthy eating habits and raising healthy eaters.

HealthyElf learns about the benefits of a balanced eating patterns while hanging around five food group posters.

HealthyElf sees agriculture in action while hanging out at the Farm + Food Lab at Orange County Great Park.

HealthyElf visited AgVentures in Tulare, CA and weighed in with fresh seasonal produce.

HealthyElf visited Roseville Unified School District to explore their Smarter Lunchroom strategies and found easy-to-reach milk cartons. 

HealthyElf visited the AgVentures! Farmer's Market in Tulare, CA where he saw where students visit a working farm to learn about agriculture. 

HealthyElf attended a local California collaborative meeting. At Collaboratives across California, representatives from various community and health groups come together to share resources and work together on efforts to improve the health of Californians. 

HealthyElf knows the importance of taking some time to unwind during the busy holiday season. Escape the hustle and bustle and catch up with some of your favorite holiday films!

HealthyElf seems pretty pleased that Dairy Council of California staff filled their tree with hats, gloves and scarves to donate and share the warmth!

HealthyElf was happy to find a new and improved breakfast program at middle and high schools throughout San Diego School District. Since breakfast skipping often starts at this age, they are offering yogurt parfaits, hot chocolate and fruit smoothies.

HealthyElf found students making great choices during school breakfast at Wilson Middle School in San Diego. Yogurt parfaits, fruit and hot chocolate are just what these students need to power them through the morning. 

HealthyElf is saving mom and dad some time by packing a healthy snack for the little ones to take to school! Whole grain crackers, cheese and raisins are the perfect combination to keep them powered up until lunch. 

HealthyElf is hungry after flying to the North Pole and back. He fuels up with a balanced breakfast. Kids can learn how to create a balanced breakfast with the Power Up Your Breakfast game.

HealthyElf has some advice for flu and cold season: wash your hands often!

HealthyElf says even when it's cold outside, there are ways to jump and play! He used painter's tape to create a hopscotch board.

HealthyElf was a very nice elf today and donated blood at a local blood drive. And then he recovered with a snack!

HealthyElf knows the importance of always wearing a seatbelt! 

HealthyElf is looking for a vegetable to balance his meal. Learn how to create balanced meals and snacks with The 5 Steps for Balanced Nutrition slideshow

After HealthyElf's winter garden grows, he'll need to check out recipes to get some new ideas for eating his favorite foods. 

HealthyElf is baking some bread. He knows the importance of eating grains

Even when it's cold outside, you can still find reasons to get out and play! 

HealthyElf shows us that when eating out, even at fast food restaurants, it's still easy to pick healthy options. Here are more tips for eating out with kids

HealthyElf is making his grocery list. If you are looking for a good starting point to fill your kitchen with healthy options, try our shopping lists

HealthyElf dropped in on this birthday celebration since it offered  fun and delicious foods from all five food groups. Need ideas for healthier celebrations? Check out our Pinterest board for classroom party ideas and this list of healthy food options.  

HealthyElf is making cocoa with milk this morning for some added protein and more.  

HealthyElf brings his lunch to work most days to ensure he's eating healthy. Find other ideas to support Workplace Wellness

HealthyElf is enjoying the fall harvest. Learn more about the health benefits of fruit along with the other food groups

HealthyElf is ready for a little jump rope. What's your activity choice today?

HealthyElf is considering making healthier options by using our Activity + Eating booklet

HealthyElf is making smoothies. Find some new smoothie recipes for your favorite elves.

HealthyElf loves skateboarding. See if you are getting enough physical activity each day with our TeenBEAT tool.

HealthyElf is considering his physical activity choices. What should he do first?

HealthyElf loves to start his day with cocoa. It warms him up and since it's made with milk, provides nine essential nutrients including protein to power him through the morning.

HealthyElf is enjoying a 3 out of 5 breakfast

We are so excited that Santa sent us an Elf on the Shelf to spread the word about healthy eating! Follow his adventures here and on Pinterest

Look who Santa sent

Meet HealthyElf

We are so excited that Santa sent us an Elf on the Shelf to spread the word about healthy eating! Follow his adventures here and on Pinterest