Be a Healthy Eating Role Model

Be a Healthy Eatng Role Model

Healthy Eating Starts with Parents


Are You a Healthy Eating Role Model?

Parents are role models and the most important influence in their children’s lives. Your attitude about food and eating habits can influence your children. If you skip breakfast, drink soda with all your meals, snack all day long, eat whenever you get bored or talk about dieting all the time you may be sending unhealthy messages to your child about food.

Modeling Healthy Eating

By modeling healthy eating you support the development of healthy behaviors in children. Healthy eating habits could be to never skip a meal, make sure you have breakfast every morning, limit junk food in the house, eat foods from all five of the food groups, and take moderate portions. As well as modeling those healthy eating habits it is important to introduce family mealtime to your children because it allows them to get into a healthy routine as well as improving academic achievement and nutrition, creating a higher self-esteem and is a great opportunity to have quality family time. Visit the PDF above for more information and tips on being a healthy eating role model.