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Eat Move Win Perspective No. 3

Online nutrition lessons enable more one-on-one teaching

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By: Tracy Mendez, RDN

  • Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • 3 Minute Read   

High school health, science and PE teachers all across the United States are looking for a nutrition program that is comprehensive, current and—most importantly—fun. Eat Move Win fits the bill. Eat Move Win is an interactive, five-lesson program that empowers high school students to take small steps to better eating and healthier habits.

Created in collaboration with registered dietitian nutritionists and education professionals, Eat Move Win provides an engaging learning experience for students while leveraging technology to help teachers work smarter, not harder.

In this series, the experiences of four teachers who have used and loved Eat Move Win will be shared. Read on to see the solution Eat Move Win offered a teacher looking to engage one-on-one with students.

Click here for the previous perspective.

Karen was a teacher at Clear Lake High School in Lakeport, California. She taught health, earth science and 21st century life skills. The basic requirements for the health class were nutrition, sex education, wellness and first aid.

The Problem

Karen felt that her role in the classroom was one of facilitating the delivery of education. She did this by keeping her students engaged while she worked one-on-one with those in need of her help. She found that it was particularly important to provide this level of attention in the freshman classes.

The problem was that while Karen was providing this level of focus, the rest of the class needed meaningful, accessible assignments that offered immediate feedback, which simply didn’t happen during a traditional lecture. “If there isn’t something for the students to produce directly following a lecture, the lesson tends to lose meaning for them,” she explained.

For Karen, the tipping point was the realization that standing in front of a class delivering a lecture—dumping information on her students—was not the best way to impart knowledge. She wanted to do something different that was stimulating and effective.

Finding the Solution

Online teaching tools have become mainstream, enabling teachers to become information curators who facilitate learning while providing one-on-one attention to those who really need it.

Karen was using several digital tools in her approach to teaching, including Google Classroom (which helped her to set up her own lessons) and Edpuzzle (which allowed her to insert questions in educational videos that students viewed on their individual computers). 

Karen’s main objective was to find online high school nutrition lessons that would fit in this environment. Specifically, Karen looked for solutions that:

  • were interesting.
  • came in bite-size chunks.
  • allowed students to work independently at their own speed.
  • provided immediate feedback.
  • enabled Karen to check up on others during class.

She was pleased when she found Eat Move Win because it provided her with a complete and robust solution, unlike other digital platforms.

Implementing the Solution

Karen found registration for Eat Move Win easy, and the lesson organization was intuitive and straightforward. She was happy that she had direct access to each of the student accounts.

“I loved the Kahoot! games, those were amazing and fun—the kids really loved them too. The modules were easy to use,” said Karen. “They made sense to the kids and flowed very well together.”

The Results

After using the Eat Move Win program, Karen began noticing that students were requesting to include healthier foods in their lunches from home. She noted that they were interested and engaged in their lessons and really spent time assessing and evaluating their food choices. Additionally, she saw that her students’ retention of the material was high and that their grades were very good.

Visit Eat Move Win to learn more about our online high school nutrition program.


Tracy Mendez, RDN

Tracy Mendez, RDN

Tracy Mendez, Nutrition Education Program Director, is a practicing registered dietitian nutritionist with expertise in empowering through education.

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