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Eat Move Win Perspective No. 1

Teacher uses computer-based nutrition lesson plans in a one-to-one computing environment

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By: Tracy Mendez, RDN

  • Wednesday, December 12, 2018
  • 3 Minute Read   

High school health, science and PE teachers all across the United States are looking for a nutrition program that is comprehensive, current and—most importantly—fun. Eat Move Win fits the bill. Eat Move Win is an interactive, five-lesson program that empowers high school students to take small steps toward better eating and healthier habits.

Created in collaboration with registered dietitian nutritionists and education professionals, Eat Move Win provides an engaging learning experience for students while leveraging technology to help teachers work smarter, not harder.

In this series, the experiences of four teachers who have used and loved Eat Move Win will be shared. Read on to see the solution this online high school nutrition program offered a teacher in a one-to-one computing environment.

Michael was a newly credentialed high school educator. He taught health, PE and weightlifting at Hancock County High School in Lewisport, Kentucky, a small, picturesque community located on the banks of the Ohio River. He attended school in the area and returned home to teach after earning his K-12 teaching credential.

The Problem

As a new teacher, Michael struggled to find appropriate technology-based teaching content that would be compatible with the school’s one-to-one computing environment where all students were issued their own iPads. Additionally, some of the existing materials used to teach PE included nutrition but were neither adequate nor up to date for teaching a complete nutrition unit. In summary:

  • He was new to teaching nutrition to high school students.
  • His only resources were outdated health textbooks.
  • He was looking for something that would engage the students.

Finding the Solution

Michael found other teaching resources online, but none were complete lesson plans that met his specific requirements:

  • Cost: Materials needed to be available at no cost.
  • Flexibility: He needed to cherry-pick modules since he was in the middle of a semester.
  • Technology: The solution needed to embrace technology, which was an integral part of teaching at his school.

Scouring the internet, Michael discovered Eat Move Win. This program offered complete high school nutrition lesson plans that fulfilled the requirements for his health class. Eat Move Win provided a comprehensive solution to his problem.

Implementing the Solution

The structure of Eat Move Win enabled Michael to simply select segments that filled gaps in the lesson plan for the class that was underway.

Michael found that Eat Move Win support was excellent. Dairy Council of California staff were very quick to respond to problems. For example, he needed some clarification during the registration phase and was able to get the answers he needed almost real time from cheerful, courteous staff members. 

“I was brand new to technology in the classroom and was super happy to find that Eat Move Win worked so well within our teaching environment,” said Michael. “It was just easy.”

The Results 

One of the main reasons Michael decided to go with Eat Move Win was to enable students to work independently at their own pace so that he had the freedom to move around the classroom. This enabled him to focus on students individually and provide answers to specific questions.

Since Eat Move Win is a complete high school nutrition program, Michael was able to select and focus on portions that he wished to emphasize while spending less time on other nutrition topics.

He was especially pleased with the level of engagement that the program fostered in his students. The materials were fun to teach and fun to learn, and they delivered an education that was likely to take hold and stimulate an awareness of the importance of nutrition.

Visit Eat Move Win to learn more about our online high school nutrition program.


Tracy Mendez, RDN

Tracy Mendez, RDN

Tracy Mendez, Nutrition Education Program Director, is a practicing registered dietitian nutritionist with expertise in empowering through education.

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