Breakfast Lesson Plan

A Healthy Breakfast: Learn the "3 Out of 5" Way

Watch this video to learn how to eat a balanced, healthy breakfast using the "3 out of 5" Breakfast Model. 


Learn About the Best Foods for Breakfast: 3 out of 5 Food Groups for a Healthy Breakfast

Teach or learn the "3 out of 5" concept for a healthy breakfast with this video. The "3 out of 5" concept is also taught in our fun, informative Power Up Your Breakfast game. This video introduces the concept in a fun way and provides a formula to eating a healthy breakfast.

Looking for ideas for healthy eating lesson plans, including a lesson plan on the importance of a healthy breakfast? Look no further: this informative, fun video explains key concepts in a lively animated format kids will love. Eating breakfast is an important start to the day, and eating a balanced breakfast containing "3 out of 5" key food groups is the optimal way to start your day. This fun video supplements your lesson plan with an informative easy excursion through various options for kids to have a healthy breakfast. Help kids learn to mix and match "3 out of 5" of key food groups such as milk and dairy, bread and grains, meat and beans and fruits or vegetables. Teaching kids how to eat healthy from the food groups is a lesson that will last a lifetime. 

After showing our video to your students, be sure to continue the nutrition education with our free nutrition lesson plans for K-12 students.