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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

As the California dairy industry’s contribution to community health, Dairy Council of California teaches millions of children and adults each year about the role of milk and dairy foods in optimal health. To receive these annual reports via email, sign up here.



Through a trends tracking system, Dairy Council of California stays on top of new developments in nutrition research. Check out the latest Nutrition Trends newsletter for important developments in the field of dairy nutrition and marketing. To receive newsletters via email, send your address and contact information.

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Elevated News

Elevated news for elevated readers. Dive into hot industry topics with Dairy Council of California CEO, Tammy Anderson-Wise.

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Dairy Advocacy Training

Dairy Council of California trainings are designed to develop your skills and give you practical information on how to share your story effectively and powerfully.

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Additional messaging and nutrition research resources to help drive dairy’s important role in healthy eating patterns:

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Success Plan


The dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the contribution and progress towards our priority outcomes throughout the year.

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Success Plan

Dairy Council of California has a clear and concise logic model and a systematic process for collecting data to measure progress toward achieving its short and long-term goals. Click the link to view the success plan and logic model.

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The annual spring update provides highlights of progress midway through the fiscal year. To receive newsletters via email, sign up here.

From the Industry Desk

The Healthy Eating TABLE

Dairy Council of California’s nutrition sciences team collects, analyzes and communicates the latest research and data on nutrition education and healthy eating patterns. This publication is intended to be a tool to increase knowledge, effectiveness and capacity for collective action in making healthy eating easier.

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