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Meal Planning + Recipes

Cooking Together

Whether it’s a hectic weeknight, a casual brunch or an important holiday, mealtime brings the family together.  Meals planned, prepared and shared together at home tend to be healthier and more balanced than meals eaten at restaurants or on the go. To make sure your family is getting the most from your meals, we offer the following recipes, articles and tools to help make family meal planning easier. Meals matter because eating together provides many benefits. Remember, healthy food is only beneficial when you actually eat it, so be sure to choose those recipes and meal ideas that appeal to your whole family.


Wolfson JA, Bleich SN. Is cooking at home associated with better diet quality or weight-loss intention? Public Health Nutr. 2014 Nov 17:1-10. 

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Personal Shopping Lists

Shopping lists make meal planning easier. These balanced family meal shopping lists were created with our Food Personalities in mind. Take the Food Personality Quiz then access your personalized shopping list.

Last Minute Meals
Convenience foods allow you to spend little-to-no time in the kitchen

Meals in a Flash
Healthy, easy-to-prepare meals that require minimal prep time

Fast & Fresh
Simple, healthy & quick scratch cooking

Well prepared, delicious & visually appealing

Kitchen Staples
Basic items to have on hand for family meals

Articles + Tips

Family Meal

Family PlanningFamily meals don't have to be fancy or elaborate to be healthy and beneficial. Whether you’re just starting to plan healthy meals for your family or you’re a seasoned meal planning pro, these articles will help you get started. Then it’s up to you to turn off the TV and mobile phones, pour glasses of milk and get the conversation going.