Physical Activity Journal
Physical Activity Journal

mother & child runningWriting things down can help you learn more about yourself and your habits. This Physical Activity Journal is a tool to help you get a more complete picture of your exercise and activity habits. Once you have that picture you can set your fitness goals.

Don’t forget to include the fun activities you may not consider "exercise" -- gardening, housework, playing with the kids. Plus, you can make little changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, which will can add up throughout the day and count as physical activity.

Physical Activity Tips:

  • Add activity. Find a new activity that you enjoy. Walk for 15-30 minutes before you sit down for your favorite TV show or as a break during your workday.
  • Add strength training to your routine. Weight lifting or resistance exercises like push-ups helps make bones stronger, improves balance and increases muscle strength.
  • Trade active time for inactive time. Take a walk after dinner, ride an exercise bike or do sit-ups while watching TV – walk to return video rentals or to pick up small grocery items.
  • Do more of what you are already doing. Walk for 30 minutes instead of 20 or walk five times a week instead of three.
  • Work a little harder.Turn your walks into power walks or jogs.

Download our Physical Activity Journal to help keep track of your daily activity!