Nutrition Trends in nutrition research, education, policy and communications

2019 Top Nutrition Trends


  1. The plant-based diet movement has reached policy-level prominence—with influential health and government groups embracing change.

  2. Nutrition may be losing its importance in the conversation about health and sustainability.

  3. Increasingly, children’s nutritional needs for growth and development are overshadowed by other health and environmental concerns.

  4. An increased focus on holistic early childhood education, as well as state leadership support, will help advance efforts to improve the nutrition and health of the youngest children in communities.

  5. New research is expanding on the understanding of dairy as a functional food by characterizing how fermented dairy foods provide health benefits to the microbiome, prevent chronic diseases and more.

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Nutrition Trends

Healthy SaladWe have a dedicated Trends Task Force that meets three times per year to review the trends in nutrition research, education, policy and communications. The purpose of this meeting is to keep our programs on the cutting edge, scientifically accurate and user-friendly. Dairy Council of California has maintained this trends tracking system for 30 years; we feel it is an integral part of our success. 

The team includes 11 staff members, eight of whom are registered dietitian nutritionists. Our source information includes publications, both scholarly journals and news media that report on nutrition issues.