Teach Breakfast to Encourage #BetterDays for Students


Teach Breakfast to Encourage #BetterDays for Students

25, September 2018 4:26 PM

Teach Breakfast to Encourage #BetterDays for Students

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At Dairy Council of California we believe that a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast at home or at school are key ingredients to a successful school day for students. 

Students who skip breakfast tend to have decreased cognitive performance and lower intakes of fiber, folate, iron and calcium. Teachers can improve the health and academic performance of their students by encouraging breakfast at home, in the school cafeteria, in the classroom or even breakfast after the bell.

Teachers who order classroom nutrition education programs before October 31 will give their students every chance to succeed this fall and will receive a classroom set of #BetterDays Breakfast Stickers (while supplies last). Every program includes a breakfast lesson to help students combine the right mix of food groups to provide the protein, carbohydrates and vitamins to help stay alert and focused through lunch.

Use the stickers to encourage students to eat breakfast:

  1. Teach the breakfast lesson, then hand out stickers to students who ate breakfast that morning. 
  2. Use stickers to invite students to join you for breakfast in the school cafeteria.
  3. When handing back papers or giving assignments at the end of the day, place a sticker on each student’s paper. This can serve as a reminder about starting the next day with breakfast.

Read more tips and ideas for encouraging students to eat a healthy breakfast. 

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