Make Nutrition Lesson Plans Fun with Farm to School


Make Nutrition Lesson Plans Fun with Farm to School

10, October 2014 9:25 AM

farm to school and nutrition lesson plans help grow healthy kidsNutrition lesson plans teach life skills- how to eat healthy from all five food groups. Nutrition lesson plans also provide real life context for other learning skills like math and language arts. In fact, Dairy Council of California's k-12 nutrition lesson plans feature fun worksheets and activities that make nutrition engaging. (You can order free lesson plans, here). However, some teachers go the extra mile to put nutrition lesson plans into action through Farm to School programs and activities. If you need more ideas, be sure to check out 9 Ways to Celebrate Farm to School in the Classroom.

School Gardens Plant Seeds for Nutrition Lesson Plans 

From sprouting seeds on the window sill to dedicated garden areas, growing fruits and vegetables at school can inspire math, science, language arts and nutrition lesson plans. Teachers can incorporate school gardens into their nutrition lesson plans by asking elementary students to use the food picture cards to identify which food group the plants belong to, or encourage older students to plan or prepare balanced meals and snacks with the harvested ingredients.  les

Students who experience the growing cycle first hand via school gardens will have a greater appreciation for nature and farmers. Teachers can deepen the engagement by discussing how nutrients in the soil become vitamins necessary for healthy growth and development. 

Mobile Dairy Classroom Nutrition Lesson Plans

The Mobile Dairy Classroom assembly program offers students and teachers a chance to augment their classroom nutrition lessons by learning more about the dairy industry and how milk goes from cow to the cafeteria. After the presentation, enhance your nutrition lesson plans by asking students to sort through the food picture cards to identify all the foods that are made with milk. Extend the learning beyond milk and dairy foods by asking students to identify the farm sources of other favorite, healthy food group foods.

Connect Nutrition Lesson Plans to the Cafeteria

Farm to School programs in the cafeteria provide another possible connection for classroom nutrition lessons. Have students map the origins of certain local produce items available in school meals. Discuss what food products are produced close to the school district or county and ask the school foodservice staff whether those products are locally sourced. Determine whether or not foods from all the food groups could be sourced locally for balanced school meals. Ask students which local foods taste the best or compare fresh produce to frozen or canned  foods. Have students write about their experiences and impressions.

Using Farm to School to enhance classroom nutrition lesson plans improves students' food literacy. If you have a school garden, have recently been visited by Mobile Dairy Classroom or have an active farm to school cafeteria connection, be sure to order nutrition lesson plans from Dairy Council of California.If you're still looking for activity ideas or connections, read 9 Ways to Celebrate Farm to School in the Classroom.

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