Mary Anne Burkman, M.P.H., R.D.

Mary Anne Burkman, MPH, RDN

In 2017, after more than 20 years’ experience with Dairy Council of California, Mary Anne Burkman, MPH, RDN, retired as Senior Director, Program Services.

During her tenure, Mary Anne played an increasingly prominent role in directing outreach efforts to community health and school audiences, ultimately growing the nutrition education programs available for adults and children ages preschool to high school. She also played a significant role in issues management, strategic partnerships and dairy promotion on national and international levels. Mary Anne represented Dairy Council of California at International Dairy Federation and received a Volunteer Recognition Award in 2017 for her skill in translating scientific language into practical information.

Mary Anne holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles and became a registered dietitian nutritionist because she wanted to work in the health care/medical industry as an allied health professional, having been introduced to this field of work through her father, a physician in private practice.

Prior to joining Dairy Council of California, Mary Anne worked for 10 years as a lecturer and director of dietetics training programs at the University of California, Berkeley. She also worked several years as a clinical dietitian in medical centers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Her enthusiasm for dietetics motivated her to become actively involved in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics professional association at the local, state and national levels over her career.