Mobile Dairy Classroom: Free School Assembly on Cows, Milk, Agriculture

Mobile Dairy Classroom

Experience a Mobile Dairy Classroom Assembly

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Food Literacy: Connecting Agriculture and Healthy Choices

Mobile Dairy Classroom and our free nutrition lesson plans offer a powerful food literacy connection, helping students understand where their food comes from and how to make healthy choices.

About the Mobile Dairy Classroom Assembly

Bring agriculture to your school with the Mobile Dairy Classroom! Our assembly teaches how milk and dairy foods are produced and how they contribute to healthy eating. When you combine the Mobile Dairy Classroom with our Common Core aligned nutrition lesson plans, your students learn the full story of healthy foods – from the farm to the table – and how they can make healthy choices for themselves.

What Students Learn in the Mobile Dairy Classroom:

  • The anatomy of a dairy cow 
  • How milk goes from a cow to their school/home 
  • The agricultural technology used on dairy farms 
  • The many different foods made from milk

Language Arts, Math and Science are integrated into the lesson as well as healthy food and activity choices and agriculture’s contribution to our food supply. Review the full Scope and Sequence.

Video Series Preview

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Our Video Series Provides the Entire Lesson

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Ideas for Incorporating the Video Series

  • Incorporate the videos into your farm unit, or a science lesson about mammals 
  • Tie agriculture into your health and nutrition lessons 
  • Play one video each day during breakfast in the classroom 
  • Use the videos during the years that your school is not eligible for a visit from our in-person assembly 
  • Help your students explore jobs in agriculture – like dairy farming!
Building 21st Century Skills

Common Core Extension Activities

Looking to build Common Core skills with your students? Extend the learning from the Mobile Dairy Classroom
Assembly with these extension activities. The comprehensive activities include informational or literary reading passages, student worksheets and an answer key. With these activities you will be reinforcing nutrition lessons while students practice reading, analyzing text, and communicating through writing.


Informational Text Activities

Additional Common Core Extension Activities

Continue the learning with your students. We have added additional Common Core activities in order to extend the learning with the Mobile Dairy Classroom. These comprehensive activities include the Common Core alignment at the beginning of each lesson. With these activities you will be reinforcing nutrition lessons while students practice writing and math skills.

About Our Instructors

With six units throughout the state, Mobile Dairy Classroom features an instructor with a background in Agriculture Education and Animal Science and a cow from a local dairy. Each instructor has a passion for agriculture and teaching that comes through in their assemblies.

The Original Farm to School Program

Efrain Valenzuela describes the history of the Mobile Dairy Classroom which began in the 1930s.
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What do teachers and administrators think about Mobile Dairy Classroom?

Adults and students alike love the interactive and engaging Mobile Dairy Classroom assembly. Our instructors and the local cows they bring receive rave reviews.