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Eat Move Win Perspective No. 2

Trading out-of-date textbooks for up-to-date high school nutrition lesson plans

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By: Tracy Mendez, RDN

  • Monday, January 14, 2019
  • 4 Minute Read   

High school health, science and PE teachers all across the United States are looking for a nutrition program that is comprehensive, current and—most importantly—fun. Eat Move Win  fits the bill. Eat Move Win is an interactive, five-lesson program that empowers high school students to take small steps to better eating and healthier habits.

Created in collaboration with registered dietitian nutritionists and education professionals, Eat Move Win provides an engaging learning experience for students while leveraging technology to help teachers work smarter, not harder.

In this series, the experiences of four teachers who have used and loved Eat Move Win will be shared. Read on to see the solution Eat Move Win offered a teacher with out-of-date textbooks who was trying to build nutrition into her curriculum.

Click here to read the previous perspective.

Jessica was a health career instructor, teaching 10th and 11th graders medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and medical assisting with a nutrition component. She taught at a Vo-Tech High School in Wilmington, Delaware, the most populous city in the state.

Jessica decided to pursue a career in teaching after working for 14 years as a registered nurse. She earned her teaching credential and has worked for two years at the high school that she once attended.

The Problem

After adding a nutrition component to her classes the previous year, Jessica was looking for specific activities to augment her lesson plans that would make the class fun and interesting for her students. The existing textbook used at the school was completely out of date and did not cover the topic of nutrition adequately.

While Jessica had her own ideas about teaching nutrition to high school students, she also wanted a program that allowed students to learn at their own pace. She hoped it would be portable to support students who might be out of class for periods of time.

Finding the Solution

In her quest to find a fun and informative resource to add to her nutrition lesson plans, Jessica searched online for “creative nutrition classroom activities.” Eat Move Win appeared in her search engine results. Interestingly, she had already been using several associated tools in her classes, including the Kahoot! teaching element, but had not been aware of Eat Move Win as a complete package ready to plug into her nutrition teaching strategy.

Jessica’s criteria for the solution were:

  • Cost
  • Ease of use and portability
  • Current, accurate content

After thoroughly examining the other search results, Jessica found that nothing was as complete as Eat Move Win. Her decision to adopt this solution was easy, particularly since the program was totally free.

Implementing the Solution

Jessica relied heavily on content application and quizzes to determine whether students were grasping the concepts taught in each module of Eat Move Win. This helped her to decide whether or not to move on to the next section.

While using Eat Move Win in one of her nutrition classes, Jessica was pulled aside by the director of assessment and accountability, who was auditing her class and wanted to inquire about the program. He was ecstatic about the package and went on to promote it to other teachers at the school.

When asked about her experience with the software registration, Jessica told about a time that the Eat Move Win server went down. She immediately contacted the technical support team, who resolved the problem quickly, right during the middle of her class. This was the only bump in the road during her time using the program.

The Results

The students clearly benefited from the program, as Jessica repeatedly received feedback regarding food choices they were making based on the information in the Eat Move Win lessons. This feedback continued for up to six months after the nutrition class was over.

At an end-of-the-year school party, students brought food to share and were referencing the trade-offs they made when selecting which foods to bring. Jessica was excited to hear them talking about practical applications of the nutrition program.

“From a teacher’s standpoint, the program was wonderful because it saved me a lot of time—the ‘teacher view’ was priceless,” said Jessica. “It’s a great program, kudos to those who put the time and effort into putting this together.”

Visit Eat Move Win to learn more about our online high school nutrition program.


Tracy Mendez, RDN

Tracy Mendez, RDN

Tracy Mendez, Nutrition Education Program Director, is a practicing registered dietitian nutritionist with expertise in empowering through education.

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