Shaping Up My Choices Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why teach Shaping Up My Choices?

The program teaches important life skills in 5 streamlined lessons including topics such as selecting healthy snacks, eating a balanced breakfast and reading a food label.  A simple, user-friendly teacher's guide provides clear instructions for implementing each lesson as well as listing standards and online resources specific to each lesson. Lesson activities, online videos and parent resources are available through a new web portal Shaping Up My Choices.

How do I order student workbooks?

California educators can order colorful student workbooks free of charge each year - teachers outside California can order at a reasonable cost. The student workbook and family connection activities are also available in Spanish. Currently the website content is available only in English.

What is the best way to implement the program?

The program lessons are designed to be taught in sequential order, but each lesson also stands on its own, so teachers can pick the topics most relevant to students’ needs and interests.

Lessons are designed to be taught within a 40-minute class period. Teach 1 to 2 lessons per week for the most impact.

How do lessons align to standards?

Lessons align to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy. Standards are listed for each activity in the teacher guide. In addition, the activities cultivate 21st Century skills such as problem-solving, reasoning, and critical thinking.

What online resources are available for educators?

Educators that log in to can access teaching materials, worksheets, videos, activities and games. Some of the printed resources are available online for those who prefer to project lesson content from a white board or need to make additional copies.

What online resources are available to families?

Students and families can access Shaping Up My Choices nutrition resources such as videos and activities from their home devices at

What if my students don’t have computers?

The program objectives can still be met if using only the print program. To order student workbooks and teachers guide go to and click the order button at the top of the website.

How can I assess student learning?

Before Lesson 1 and after Lesson 5, students can take the pre- and post-assessments in the student workbook. An additional option is to conduct the assessment from the web portal at The links to the online assessments are found in the Teaching Materials sections of Lessons 1 and 5.

Online assessments are auto-graded providing students’ instant feedback. Students can share their scores with you for documentation. For you to obtain complete class pre- and post-assessment data, students must include a unique identifier such as student number and/or initials along with school and teacher name. Email [email protected] with school and teacher names, along with the dates students completed the assessments and you will receive student results via email.

Within each lesson is a short online knowledge check students complete independently. Students receive their scores and can review their answers. These scores are not associated with schools.

How can I get my class Kahoot scores?

The learning games that use Kahoot are not maintained in the Shaping Up My Choices web portal. To download or view student results in an Excel file, as you end the game on the Kahoot website click the Podium page, then select “Get Results” to see results for each player.

Need more support?

For additional help, call toll-free during regular business hours

  • 877.324.7901 (in California)
  • 866.572.1359 (outside California)
  • Email [email protected]

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