Tip #1: Make a Family Connection

Make a Family Connection

Tip #1

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Families are the foundation for keeping students healthy. Offer opportunities for their involvement in the classroom and share guidelines for healthier classroom celebrations. Discuss the importance of good nutrition and the ability to focus and learn in class. Check out Dairy Council of California resources to share with parents.

Ways to Make a Family Connection

  • Include nutrition topics during family communications such as your welcome letter, back-to-school night presentation and regular notices. Topics to cover might include when you'll be teaching nutrition lessons during the year, the importance of students eating breakfast and packing healthy snacks, guidelines for classroom celebrations, cafeteria offerings for breakfast and/or lunch and benefits of family meals and dinnertime conversation.
  • Offer fun and healthy ideas, recipes and party themes to parents for classroom parties.
  • Invite parents into the classroom to read a book about nutrition or healthy eating. 
  • Support students' excitement for bringing home nutrition messages by having them write letters or draw pictures of what they've learned to share with their families. 
  • Encourage your Parent Teacher Association to host a workshop about nutrition and health. Dairy Council of California's Parent Nutrition Education Toolkit has ready-to-go presentations.  



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