5 Ways to Encourage Students to Eat Breakfast
5 Ways to Encourage Students to Eat Breakfast

Whether it’s Back to School time, National School Breakfast Week or gearing up for testing, it’s always a great time to encourage your students to eat a balanced breakfast.

Eating a balanced breakfast will help students to:

  • Have more energy, better concentrate and stay alert. Classroom behavior, participation and grades may improve. 

  • Eat healthy the rest of the day. Research shows that those who start with a balanced breakfast have better overall nutrition and health, continue to eat healthier throughout the day and are more successful maintaining weight loss.

Here are some ideas for encouraging students to begin their days with a balanced breakfast:

  1. Every morning, ask your students to raise their hands if they have breakfast. Set a goal that by the end of the week, they will all be raising their hands. 

  2. Create a sticker chart to track which students are eating breakfast.

  3. Begin a friendly competition with other classes or grade levels to see how many students report having breakfast.

  4. Encourage students to eat breakfast at school if offered by your cafeteria.

  5. Download and print the Boost Your Brainpower with Breakfast tip sheet, which includes an activity for your students as well as information for parents.

Share some quick and healthy breakfast recipes with students or parents. 

Teachers wield more influence than you may think. A few days of encouragement and suggestions to eat breakfast might start a habit with your students that continues for years! 




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