Top 5 Reasons to Teach Nutrition Education in Your Classroom
Top 5 Reasons to Teach Nutrition Education in Your Classroom

teaching nutrition educationWhy teach nutrition education in your classroom? Because the benefits are too valuable to pass up. From students making healthier choices to improved academic performance, nutrition education can benefit the whole school. Plus, since our lessons are aligned to the California Common Core Standards, teachers  know they are reinforcing important standards with fun, engaging material.

Here are the top reasons teachers already using our nutrition education programs cite when asked about the benefits of teaching nutrition:

5. Students get excited about learning

“My class gets really excited about it, and it’s such an important part of teaching ‘the whole child!’”

“Students love to study about nutrition. During lessons incorrect beliefs about food can be corrected.”

4. Students put nutrition education to the test in real-life situations

 “Teaching them how to read the nutritional info on packages/cans has turned them into savvy, informed consumers.”   

“The greatest thing I notice is that the students encourage each other to eat healthier snacks and foods. They flat out tell each other when they are eating poorly!”

3. The benefits of nutrition education reach far beyond the classroom

“It’s amazing how little students know about good nutrition, it’s very gratifying to know you opened their eyes through these lessons to the world of better eating and hopefully better health.”

“I had a student that went above and beyond and prepared a shopping list of healthy meals for her mom to take to the grocery store! I thought it was amazing to see the students who encouraged their family members to eat healthier.”

2. Improve the quality of your students’ education by teaching a topic left out of standard curriculum

“I teach 1st grade, and it amazes me that my students cannot differentiate vegetables from fruit, grains from legumes, and think fish and chicken are not meats. We use the workbook you provide to teach us how to eat healthy.”

“So many students are not aware of the health benefits in foods and how it affects their body. Students are interested and are engaged when we fill out the workbook. Each student strives to improve their results. This program is a win-win situation.”

1. Nutrition lessons provide essential education that can lead to more academic success

“We discuss healthy eating first at recess time. One student used to bring candy every day for snack and after listening to lessons asked his parents to send better snacks for his brain to learn.”

“Good nutrition equals a happy student with one less problem to overcome so they can learn.”

If you already provide comprehensive, balanced, nutrition education to your students – congratulations! Your extra effort is helping to lead your students toward healthier habits and academic success. If you haven’t tried nutrition education in your classroom, this year is a great time to get started. With our turnkey nutrition lesson plans and online teacher training, nutrition can be easily incorporated into your classroom. Join over 50,000 California teachers who know the value of nutrition education and see the benefits for yourself!

“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.” – Elbert Hubbard