Survey Says: Teaching Nutrition Gets Results!
Survey Says: Teaching Nutrition Gets Results!

Kids at their desks

At the end of each school year, we survey teachers who have used our nutrition education programs in their classroom to determine their satisfaction with the program and the students' response to their teaching.

In 2011-12, 1.87 million California students received nutrition education with Dairy Council of California programs. More than 3,500 of the teachers who used our programs completed the end-of-year survey and shared many reasons they teach nutrition. Plus, 95% of them said they were satisfied or very satisfied with Dairy Council of California's nutrition education programs. 

Nutrition education lessons can help educators meet Common Core State Standards, teach valuable life skills, encourage healthy eating and even improve classroom behavior.

From the new to the seasoned, the elementary to the high school, teachers find value in bringing nutrition education into their classrooms. Here are some reasons why teachers continue to use nutrition education, with their own words from our survey: 

  • More students eat breakfast and are more ready to learn in the classroom:

“I have so many kids that would never eat breakfast. After the breakfast lesson I get lots of comments about them eating breakfast and how much better they felt.”  Tricia Brown, Tulelake

"Every year students use the program to evaluate their choices. They share how now they eat breakfast or have changed the type of cereal they eat. I also have many students who will add more milk and milk products to their diet ... They find a (sic) easy guide to better nutrition without feeling bad. I love the program." Tonya Hendrix, Santee

  • Nutrition education makes an impact beyond the classroom:

“My students were discussing the importance of drinking milk and eating vegetables/ fruit at the lunch table on their own.”  Priscilla Douglas, West Sacramento

“Parents tell me each year that their kids have come home and asked them to make some changes, whether it is to buy more fruit, exercise as a family, or cut out sugar.  The kids get fired up and tell their parents!”  Cathy Priest, Orange

  • Students choose to eat healthier foods after nutrition education:

“I often get positive feedback from parents relating to our nutrition unit in 7th grade. One mother was so excited to ask me how I got her 12 year old twins to start eating their vegetables. She said she had been trying for years to convince them of the benefits and it was not until the ‘Food Experts Video’ and a food group advertisement project that the girls showed any interest in this food group.”  Peri Hauser, Agoura Hills

“My students have learned how to read the ingredients on a package and what to look for. It has been an awesome program for educating students on basic health and nutrition needs. I look forward to teaching this unit every year!”  Theresa Romo, Antioch

  • Students enjoy learning about nutrition:

“During the end of the year reflection, the nutrition component was chosen by most students to meet the topic of ‘what unit impacted me the most.’”  Rita Weighall, Santa Rosa

“I had many students with very poor eating habits. Now they are excited to eat nutritious foods.”  Donna Keller, Stevenson Ranch CA

  • Our nutrition education works and makes significant changes toward better health:

 “My Healthy Fitness Zone Results have improved by over 80% from the previous year.”  Tammie Ayers, Long Beach

“I have several obese students become interested in watching what they ate and lost 20 pounds over the course of a year!”  High School Teacher, Claremont

Join us in creating healthier students and order your nutrition education program today. Then tell a friend, ask parents to volunteer in their child's classroom, encourage them to provide fun, healthy snacks or even help teach the nutrition lessons. You don't have to be an expert in nutrition to impart the lifelong healthy-eating skills in Dairy Council of California's programs.