Creating a Quick and Inexpensive Workplace Wellness Program
Creating a Quick and Inexpensive Workplace Wellness Program

School Wellness should include strategies that create a healthy environment for both students and staff. While Dairy Council of California is best known for providing nutrition education lesson plans for students, we provide resources for the entire school community. As Community Nutrition Advisers working with schools in the Bay Area, we want to inspire teachers to get healthy together and use the free Workplace Wellness resources we offer.

The barriers to adopting the healthy behaviors we desire are very common: no time, too tired, too expensive. Getting started is often the biggest hurdle to overcome. So here are two simple plans for Workplace Wellness initiatives that are easy to implement and promote long-lasting good health: Healthy Brown bag Lunches and Walking for Fitness.

Healthy Brown Bag Lunches

healthy lunches

There are a wide range of options and choices for packing a healthy lunch right in your home pantry. Last night’s dinner can be turned into a tasty lunch with little effort. A well-balanced lunch, with all five food groups, offers healthier options that are more nutritious compared to vending machines or fast food lunches on the go.

We challenge you to create a balanced “five out five” food group lunch. A brown bag lunch can be more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - brown rice with chicken and stir-fry vegetables with a sliced orange and a glass of milk on the side is a tasty alternative and includes all five food groups. 

Walking for Fitness

Get active by starting a simple walking program and invite everyone to participate. A planned local walk together before or after school ensures consistency and results. A few tips to a better aerobic workout and faster speed walk for fitness include: good posture, bent swinging arms, and heal-to-toe steps with shorter strides. Gradually working up to a minimum of 30-minutes per day, six days a week promotes positive health results. The goal is to keep it fun!  We challenged teachers to symbolically hike the Pacific Crest Trail by collectively logging the 2,637 miles that it spans. The camaraderie and support from one another as you strive to reach a collective goal is is motivating and encouraging for everyone.

Need for Leadership

These are two easy ideas to kick off your Workplace Wellness program, but for long-term success you'll need a leader to organize and motivate the group. An enthusiastic leader can determine the success of a Workplace Wellness program.

These are just two ideas to get you started, check out our free Workplace Wellness resources for more!