Get Energized for Testing
Get Energized for Testing

healthy happy studentsStandardized testing. Common Core testing. CST testing. They come around one time (or more) per year. We know a healthy breakfast before testing can improve scores, but don’t forget the added power behind physical activity breaks.

Physical activity increases student achievement as demonstrated by higher grades and standardized test scores. Want increased concentration, memory, mental ability and attention spans from your students? Physical activity has been shown to improve all of these!

No time to squeeze it in? Even though physical activity may take minutes from academics, active students compensate by greater efficiency in the learning process. Even short bursts of activity can significantly improve a child’s concentration and brain function.

Here is an example of a quick activity break, or “energizer”, to try during a testing break:

Lead students to act out an imaginary field trip through California. Call out places and simulate typical actions you can do there. For example:

  • Ski like you’re on a snow covered mountain in Lake Tahoe
  • Adore your fans like a celebrity in Los Angeles
  • Swim like a dolphin in San Diego
  • Swing your bat like a San Francisco Giant
  • Hike like you are climbing Half Dome in Yosemite

It is best to choose actions that will work all parts of the body. Point to places on a map of California and let students be creative and call out some of the actions!

Activities can even integrate academic concepts for all grades. For tools and energizer activity ideas, check out the following:

Remember that healthy habits like these will reap benefits not just for testing week, but all year long!