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The Let’s Eat Healthy Educator Recognition Program

Advocates for Student Health through Nutrition Education

The Let’s Eat Healthy Educator Recognition Program is a new program that celebrates California educators who enable, inspire and motivate students to make healthier food choices and develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Dairy Council of California proudly recognizes the efforts of all educators who have made a positive difference in the health of their students within their school communities and beyond.  We share their stories to highlight their efforts and inspire others.

The program also includes an award component. All educators who embody the spirit of the program are eligible for nomination by their peers and industry partners for teaching nutrition education and demonstrating outstanding advocacy. This year the criteria for nomination included, at a minimum, teaching science-based nutrition education. The additional factors considered during the selection process, such as incorporating nutrition into a school event or growing a school garden, are what set these educators apart.

The winners for the 2019-20 school year are:

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Michelle Mead

Kindergarten Teacher
Coeur d'Alene Avenue School
Venice, CA

A kindergarten teacher at Coeur d'Alene Avenue School in Venice, Calif., Mead has incorporated nutrition education into her classroom curriculum since she began teaching three years ago. She believes,

Teaching nutrition to my young students creates a foundation for healthy eating habits and enables them to make healthier food choices when they are able and ready to make those decisions independently.

Learn more about Michelle why she teaches nutrition in her classroom and why she hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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Sheryl Miller

Kindergarten Teacher
Blanche Reynolds Elementary
Ventura, CA

A kindergarten teacher at Blanche Reynolds Elementary School in Ventura, Calif., Miller has taught for over 24 years. She teaches nutrition education in her classroom because she believes it is vital for the success of her students. She shared,

I teach Harvest of the Month and use Dairy Council of California’s nutrition curriculum, which complements those lessons so well. My students enjoy learning about different foods and how to eat healthfully, a vital life skill that will help them grow to their full potential.

Learn more about Sheryl, why she teaches nutrition in her classroom and why she hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Michaela Nealy cropped
Michaela Nealy

First Grade Teacher
Roosevelt Elementary
Stockton, CA

A first grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School in Stockton, Calif., Nealy has taught nutrition education to her students since she began teaching two years ago. An educator at a Title I, culturally diverse school, she believes,

The health of students matter because when kids come to school hungry and worried about when they will get their next meal, they are unable to pay attention in the classroom or learn. Nutrition education, when paired with food access, provide children with the security and knowledge needed to support them for academic and lifelong success.

Learn more about Michaela, why she teaches nutrition in her classroom and why she hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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Chris Tamez

Physical Education Teacher
Peter J. Shields Elementary
Rancho Cordova, CA

A physical education teacher at Peter J Shields Elementary School in Rancho Cordova, Calif., Tamez has taught for five years and incorporated nutrition education as part of the physical education curriculum for the past two years. A strong advocate for healthy students, he believes,

Nutrition education is critical to student health. By teaching nutrition education as part of physical education, my students learn how to build the foundation for good health, which requires a healthy, nutritious diet as well as adequate amounts of physical activity.

Learn more about Chris, why he teaches nutrition in his classroom and why he hopes to inspire others to do the same.

These four outstanding educators are recognized for their passion and their efforts in elevating the health of their students and school community by incorporating nutrition education in their curriculum. We appreciate their great work and ongoing commitment to student health!

If you would like to nominate an outstanding educator next school year, email us the name of the educator, school district and include a brief explanation for the nomination.

Nominations will be accepted through December 2020.