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Elementary teachers, get on board with interactive whiteboard games for Kindergarten through sixth grade students to make learning engaging and fun. Download teacher created SMART Board nutrition activities that support Dairy Council of California classroom lessons that are available for lower elementary + upper elementary students. These resources engage students and reinforce nutrition lessons on food groups, balanced breakfast, healthy snacks and main nutrients.

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SMART NotebookLower Elementary K-2 white board activities
Upper Elementary 3-6 white board activities

Grades K-2


Students explore the foods within each
of the 5 food groups and their health benefits.



Students create a balanced breakfast by choosing food pictures to include “3 out of 5” food groups.



Students sort food pictures as food group snacks or "extra" food snacks.


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Grades 3-5
Food Groups and Extras

Students learn that each food group has
a main nutrient and specific health benefit
to encourage them to eat a variety of
foods every day.



Explore the main nutrients found in foods belonging
to the 5 food groups and match foods within food groups with the main nutrients.



Students use the Vortex activity to sort snacks as a food-group snack or an "extra" food.


View, save and interact with SMART Notebook file online at no charge.

Share Your Interactive Activity

Do you have a SMART Board or other interactive tools that match your Dairy Council of California nutrition lessons? Submit your activity for approval to share with colleagues on this page.

  1. Email us a description of your activity.
  2. If you have uploaded your activity on a website such as your own website, SMART Exchange, Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers, include the link in your email to us. If your activity does not have a link, use Dropbox to upload your files.

Technology Tips

  • I made a "flipchart" using food pictures for mystery riddles. They drag a clue then erase box to expose fruit.
  • I revealed the clues for the "Mystery Fruit" activity on the SMART Board and added a SMART Notebook video called Flowers and Seeds.
  • I made a flipchart for Activity 1 with food pictures for students to drag and drop. Teachers reported that they valued the connections this program makes to common core by integrating math and science as well as the writing opportunities. Teachers noted that it was very effective to have the information presented in multiple ways, such as through the use of color.