Wellness Activities

A Weekly Wellness Program

Looking for a way to make a connection between your wellness policy, nutrition education and meals served in your school cafeteria? Try this turn-key Weekly Wellness Program that provides all the information and tools you need to get students engaged and learning about healthy choices. Just follow these steps and use the provided materials. 

Launch a Wellness Wednesday Program at Your School

1. Pick a day of the week. We recommend Wednesdays! 

2. Each week on your designated Wellness Day, read the weekly announcement over the PA for the entire school or in your classroom. We've made it easy and have provided a full school year's worth of Wellness Wednesday Messages. 

3. Turn the program into a trivia game. Encourage students to answer the question and drop a Trivia Answer Form in a drop-box at the cafeteria. choosing a weekly "winner" with the correct answer for a prize or recognition. Consider having the weekly winner read the following week's Wellness Wednesday Message. 

4. Measure your success! Partner with your School Foodservice Department to implement a Student Survey and identify more ways to increase the consumption of nutrient-rich foods served at school. 

The Materials You Need

Wellness Wednesday Messages
Trivia Answer Form
Trivia Answers
Student Survey