Healthy You, Healthy Students Webinar

Explore how campus-wide wellness programs can increase a sense of community, empowering teachers and staff to be healthy role models for students.

This 45-minute free webinar features success stories from California educators, administrators and parents. Listen as they share how their unique approaches helped create a healthy and successful school environment.

View and listen to success stories collected from across California.

Recorded + Written Success Stories:

  • Judith Dunaway (ABC Unified) - written
  • Pam Keller (Commonwealth/Valencia Park) - writtenaudio
  • Debbie Oliva (Carolyn Clark Elm) - audio
  • Lori Velazquez & Marci Stanislaw (Hermosa Drive) - audio
  • Julie Amster (Hewes Middle School) - written
  • Tina Varner (Natomas Pathways) - audio
  • Nicole Sommerfeld (Orion Alternative) - audio

Archived Webinar:

Access the recorded webinar, session slides and additional resources

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School Wellness Resources

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why healthy classroom policies can prepare students for academic success.
  • Gain ideas and inspiration to energize your campus-wide school wellness policy.