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Wellness + Nutrition Resources to Use Throughout the School

When working to drive student academic achievement, considering the child's wellness in the overall school environment is critical for success. Classroom nutrition education is a main component to build the knowledge students need, but many other factors should be included – from the foods offered in the cafeteria to making physical activity a priority and the healthy behaviors adults role model for students. 

Your Local School Wellness Policy can be implemented to affect vast change in your school and create a culture of wellness for your students. Wellness Policies address nutrition, physical education and community involvement. Below you will find resources and actionable ideas to activate your School Wellness Policy and bring better health and academic success to your students. 



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Provide the Nutrition Knowledge Students Need With Classroom Curriculum

Implement nutrition education in your school's classrooms to provide children the knowledge, attitudes, skills and experiences they need to support healthy eating and physical activity behaviors.

Dairy Council of California K-12 nutrition curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and can easily integrate into units in Social Science, Health, Language Arts and Physical Education.

Each grade level has a specific curriculum with six to ten nutrition lessons. The free nutrition lessons were created using a behavior-change model that encourages healthy-eating behaviors and attitudes in your students. Students can practice lifelong health skills like decision making, analyzing influences and setting goals.

Teachers enjoy the fun and easy lessons and report the immediate impacts that new knowledge has on their students. Click on one of the programs to learn more and encourage your teachers to include nutrition in their classroom.

Building a Healthy Me! Healthy Choices, Healthy Me! Healthy Choices, Healthy Me! Shaping Up My Choices Nutrition Pathfinders Nutrition Pathfinders Exercise Your Options Activity + Eating!

Create a Cafeteria That Supports Healthy Choices

The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement of California is catching on across the state as school foodservice brings low- and no-cost ways to promote the consumption of healthy school lunch options and reduce plate waste to their cafeterias. 

Learn more about the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement and find out the first six steps to getting started. 

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Activate School Wellness

Your Local School Wellness Policy can be implemented to affect vast change in your school and create a culture of wellness for your students. Here are some ideas to get an effective policy in place: