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Nutrition Education Resources for Children + Teens

Use the following nutrition resources with children and teens as part of a clinic visit, one-on-one or group learning experiences.

Teen Nutrition Education Booklet

Nutrition Materials for High School
The Activity + Eating for Teens nutrition booklet will introduce teens to important nutrition concepts like eating recommended amounts of each food group as shown in MyPlate, how to eat healthy while on the go, setting goals to achieve an optimal weight and the importance of eating breakfast.
Download the Educator Guide and PowerPoint presentation for ways to share the booklet with teens.

Online Nutrition and Physical Activity Tools

Youth Empowerment Resources

Do you work with a youth leadership or student advisory group? Check out our resources that help teens champion healthy eating and physical activity in their school or community.

  • The Nutrition Education + Promotion Activity Guide provides students with ideas to lead nutrition education and promotion efforts.
  • The Healthy Eating for Teens online education pathway is a mobile friendly tool that can be used by Health Educators to help youth achieve their healthy eating and physical activity goals and by teens providing peer to peer health education.

Healthy Eating and Cooking Videos

This YouTube Playlist features healthy eating videos for kids as well as a series from the PBS show, Hey Kids, Let's Cook! Play all the videos in a loop here, or visit YouTube to play an individual video. 

Downloadable Nutrition Handouts + Activity Sheets for Kids

nutrition downloadables printables tip sheets

Covering topics from eating a healthy breakfast to choosing the best beverages, you will find the perfect handout to offer tips and activities to children and teens. 

Download and print the handouts to display, pass out during meetings or appointments, or use at health fairs. 

 View the complete list of printable handouts

Classroom Nutrition Education Programs

free nutrition lesson plans

Implement nutrition education in your school's classrooms to provide children the knowledge, attitudes, skills and experiences they need to support healthy eating and physical activity behaviors.

Dairy Council of California K-12 nutrition curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and can easily integrate into units in Social Science, Health, Language Arts and Physical Education.

Each grade level has a specific curriculum with six to ten nutrition lessons. The free nutrition lessons were created using a behavior-change model that encourages healthy-eating behaviors and attitudes in your students. Students can practice lifelong health skills like decision making, analyzing influences and setting goals.

Teachers enjoy the fun and easy lessons and report the immediate impacts that new knowledge has on their students. Click on one of the programs to learn more and encourage your teachers to include nutrition in their classroom.