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Rethink Your Drink...Tips for Choosing Healthy Beverages for Elementary Students and Families

Rethink your DrinkSchool-aged children are exposed to many drink choices such as sports drinks, soda and fruit drinks which may displace healthier beverages like water, milk and 100% fruit juice. Health Educators, PTA or PTO groups providing nutrition parent classes can show the narrated PowerPoint on healthy beverage choices or use the provided script in English or Spanish. Parents learn about drink options and appropriate portion sizes. The Rethink Your Drink presentation can be part of an interactive workshop, including group discussion and taste tests of beverages.

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Length of complete presentation - 30 minutes

Materials needed:

Download/copy Handouts (if ordering booklets, allow one month lead time)

Class Outline

Opening Activity – comparison of soda container sizes from past years to present

State objectives for presentation

Present Content – Read from scripted talking points (15 min.)

Narrated slide show (20 mins)

Distribute handouts as appropriate

Family Pledge 

  • I will drink more of:
  • I will drink less of: