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General Nutrition Recommendations for Elementary Students

General Nutrition Recommendations for Elementary Students

Growing a Healthy Child

As parents, every day you’re faced with making choices about your child’s well-being, and that includes decisions about food and beverages. You may have questions that include: What will my child eat? What is a healthy choice? Are fun foods okay to eat? Health educators, PTA or PTO groups providing nutrition parent classes can show the narrated PowerPoint on basic nutrition and feeding recommendations for elementary school-age children or download the script in English or Spanish. Ordering the Making Meals Matter For Your School-Age Child booklet or downloading the tip sheets gives parents a resource to help them at home. This presentation will help parents feel comfortable with the division of responsibility where the parents job is to serve balanced meals and it is the child’s job to decide what and how much to eat.

Recommended Resources

Calcium Quiz
See if you are getting enough calcium.
Celebration of Culture
Explores how culturally diverse foods can fit into the contest of current nutrition guidelines and food grouping systems.


Length of complete presentation - 30 minutes

Materials needed:

Download/copy Handouts (if ordering booklets, allow 1 month lead time)

Class Outline

Opening Activity - To find ways that a parent can feel comfortable with what food and beverage choices to serve their child.

State Objectives for presentation.

Narrated Slide Show (20 min.) Ten minutes for group discussion.

Distribute Booklet and Tip Sheets/Handouts.

Next Steps – based on the presentation, ask parents – are you feeling comfortable with deciding what food and beverages to offer your child and then letting your children decide what and how much they would like to eat?