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Estimating Serving Sizes

Portion Size Pointers for parents Portion Size Pointers for Parents

Many parents wonder how much of food should their child should eat. This presentation will help parents determine proper portion sizes of foods for elementary-aged children. Health educators, PTA or PTO groups providing nutrition parent classes can show the narrated PowerPoint on how to estimate portion sizes for elementary school-age children or download the script in English or Spanish. Ordering the Making Meals Matter For Your School-Age Child booklet or accessing resources below gives parents help at home. The concepts are easy enough that children can use this method of determining portion sizes too since it does not involve calorie counting, a scale or measuring cups.

Recommended Resources

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Length of complete presentation - 30 minutes

Materials needed:

Download/copy Handouts (if ordering booklets, allow one month lead time)

Class Outline

Opening Activity  - Discussion about food portions today compared to 20 years ago.

Introduction and objectives for presentation

Narrated Slide Show (20 min.)

10 minutes for Group Discussion.

Distribute Booklet and Tip Sheets/Handouts.

Next Steps – Based on the presentation, ask parents are you better able to estimate serving sizes and balance your and your child’s plate of food?