Nutrition Resources for Teachers

Teach students nutrition for free

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Teach students about healthy eating patterns using nutrition curriculum free to California teachers.

Nutrition Lesson Plans

Teach students about healthy eating patterns using nutrition curriculum free to California teachers. Lessons are easy to teach, engaging for students and meet Common Core State Standards. Extend learning at home and in the classroom with online games, videos, SMART Board activities, family activities and more .

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Linking Nutrition to Common Core

Reinforce students’ critical thinking and problem solving abilities through informational texts, writing and communication activities. Students will practice Common Core concepts while developing 21st Century Skills and learning how to be a mindful, healthy eater.

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Digital Resources and Videos

Enhance students’ learning experience and digital literacy with online resources and interactive videos. Teach children and teens about healthy eating, exercise and where their food comes from with videos and games that feature their peers engaged in healthy eating behaviors.

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MDC and a hands-on activity with kids - gardening

Farm to School

Increase food literacy, bring nutrition to life and elevate the health of students while supporting local farmers and local agriculture with Farm to School activities. Access videos, project ideas, cafeteria connections and other resources to help students appreciate the importance of nutrition and agriculture.

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Cafeteria Connections

Partner with school foodservice staff to put student learning on the menu. Bridge nutrition education from the classroom to the cafeteria by encouraging students to put knowledge from lessons into action by making healthier choices in the school cafeteria.

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Parent Resources

Engage parents in nutrition education through resources and family activities. Free nutrition booklets help parents practice and reinforce at home the same nutrition and healthy eating concepts students learn in the classroom.

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Curriculum Connections

Complement lessons with a wide variety of additional cross-curricula resources to enhance nutrition, physical activity and food literacy in the classroom and across the school community.

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Wellness Committee meeting

School Wellness Champions

Access a wide range of resources, from Local School Wellness policies to healthy classroom party and snack ideas, to help create and sustain a culture of wellness at school.

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