Evaluatio Results Helping First Grade Students Make Healthy Eating Choices

Eat Move Win Program for High School Students

Online nutrition program builds knowledge and fosters healthier choices in high school students

Helping high school students understand how to make healthy eating choices

Full Evaluation Results


Evaluation Overview

Dairy Council of California’s Eat Move Win (EMW) program consists of 5 online lessons that aim to improve high school students’ awareness of their food environment and the link between food and health. A formative evaluation was conducted to measure if the EMW program can change students’ nutrition knowledge, attitudes and food choices. Twenty-eight classrooms at 10 different California high schools participated in the project. Teachers’ input and lesson observations provided qualitative feedback about how the content worked in a variety of classrooms. 

Lessons Overview
  • Five nutrition lessons that align with MyPlate and align with content standards for health education and anchor standards for science, history and technical subjects. 
  • Designed for teacher facilitation.
  • Students learn about:
    • five food groups
    • trading up
    • macro and micronutrients
    • eating patterns, specifically eating breakfast
  • The program culminates with an assessment where students create a SMART goal of a small change they can make. 
Program Materials

All resources are available online free of charge.  

  • Teacher page includes Program Planner, class list with student names and content refresher
  • Automatically graded lesson quizzes 
  • Student view of pages with interactive content
  • Online worksheets and visuals
Highlights from the Evaluation
  • High school students answered an average of 71–75% of the online nutrition knowledge quiz questions correctly after completing the lessons.
  • Between the pre- and post-survey, high school students receiving the EMW program showed improvements in attitudes towards trying and eating healthy foods, and improvements in self-efficacy (i.e., confidence) to eat healthy foods and limit foods high in discretionary calories.
  • Students reported slight increased consumption of milk, whole grain bread and pasta/rice, and breakfast; and small decreased consumption of soda and cookies.
  • Student and teacher satisfaction with the program was moderate to high. Some teachers felt that lessons were too long to be taught in 50 minutes. The beta website will be revised to have shorter lessons for fall 2017.

School-based nutrition education programs can be implemented with relative ease and cost-effectiveness, and disseminate health information to large groups of adolescents through in-class activities. The novelty and interactive nature of an online program was engaging for students and easy for teachers to use. Students receiving the Eat Move Win program showed positive changes in knowledge as well as improved attitudes towards healthy eating. The evaluation should be repeated in a more rigorously designed evaluation after updates are made to the program.

This novel online nutrition program provides educators an efficient way to teach nutrition to motivated students. While the results of this study were modest, the changes in eating behaviors for a few select food categories is encouraging.

This program is approved as an emerging practice by Western Region SNAP-Ed.

About the study

This formative evaluation project was conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California during the 2016–17 school year.


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Full Evaluation Results

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Teacher Comments

Teacher program feedback was positive, indicating the revisions amply addressed comments on specific lessons from the original program. Teacher comments illustrate the flexibility of the program to fit in the classroom.

The Eat Move Win curriculum is an excellent way to get high school students involved with their eating habits. Students are introduced to nutritional information in a way that is easy for them to process. — Jody Wolfe, Yucaipa High School