Milk and Dairy Facts: Nutrients, Myths, Types of milk, milk Storage, secrets about milk

Milk - Nature's Wonder Beverage

Milk is nature’s wonder beverage. It helps build strong bones and lower blood pressure. It may reduce the risk of diabetes and it can help you maintain a healthy weight. It is both tasty and satisfying.  Learn more about milk myths and facts.

There is no other food or beverage that provides the same health benefits as milk.

It’s a powerful package of goodness, containing important nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, high-quality protein and vitamins A and D. 

Milk is a great nutrition deal for your food dollar.

Spend some time with these fun brochures and infographics to learn more about milk, cheese and yogurt: 

secrets about milk

The Full Story: Get the Secrets, Stories + Facts About Milk

Enjoy this fun read while learning everything you need to know about milk!

Three Servings Every Day

Value of Milk

Learn more why the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that everyone age 9 and older consume three servings of dairy ‒ milk, yogurt or cheese ‒ every day.

Chocolate Milk

Flavored Milk - A Healthy Choice for Kids

Milk comes in the classic white, as well as chocolate- and strawberry-flavored. Studies show that children who drink chocolate milk meet more of their nutritional needs, do not consume excess sugar and are a healthier weight than non-milk drinkers.

Learn More About Chocolate Milk

Drinking Milk Past Its Date!

Buying Milk

Our staff of registered dietitians and nutrition specialists are experts on milk and dairy foods, and we receive all types of questions about milk, such as, "Can I freeze milk?" Learn more about storing and using milk, cheese and yogurt safely and whether you can freeze milk.

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