Milk Myth: Milk Contains High Levels of Antibiotics

Myth: Milk Contains High Levels of Antibiotics

Milk Myth

Myth Buster: Any milk—conventional, organic or rBST-free—that tests positive for antibiotics cannot be sold to the public.

Strict FDA and state regulations govern the use of all FDA-approved medications used to treat dairy cows on the farm and require dairy food companies to test milk for commonly-used antibiotics. This oversight is designed to protect public health and ensure consumers are getting safe and wholesome dairy products.

Dairy farmers go to great lengths to ensure purity and protect the integrity of its products. They work closely with veterinarians on procedures to maintain herd health and minimize the need for animal medications, and follow strict animal care practices on the farm to ensure the safety of their milk products.

Every tanker of milk, whether from a conventional or an organic farm, is tested for antibiotics. The whole load will be discarded if it tests positive for commonly- used antibiotics and the farmer is financially responsible for the full tanker. State regulators apply additional penalties, such as a fine and/or revoking the farmer’s license to sell milk if additional tests are positive.

You can trust that the milk you drink is safe, wholesome and contains an irreplaceable package of nutrients that cannot be found in any other single food or beverage.



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