Health Benefits of Milk: Research: Real Milk Prevention, Healthy Weight Management

Health Benefits of Milk

Research continues to expand the positive role milk and dairy foods play in an individual's health. Evidence goes well beyond building strong bones (read more about milk and bone health) to include its effects on blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes prevention and weight management efforts, among other positive effects. Links to the research studies demonstrating these health benefits are found on the Scientific Research page.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the USDA recommend three servings of milk and dairy foods each day. Most Americans will achieve this recommendation by adding one more daily serving.

Your Questions Answered

Your Nutrition and Health Questions About Milk

Our registered dietitian nutritionists have answered the most common health and nutrition questions we receive about milk and dairy foods, using the latest science and research. Have a question about milk or dairy foods? Send it to us and we'll get you the information you need! 

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What Makes Milk Irreplaceable?

Decades of scientific research have substantiated the many health benefits associated with milk, including increasing bone health, lowering blood pressure and boosting immunity. When taking into account the numerous health benefits milk and dairy products offer, the inexpensive cost per serving and the amount of nutrients packed in each serving, milk and milk products are an essential part of a healthy diet. There is no other single food or beverage that provides the same irreplaceable package of nutrients/components, with its unique interactions, as provided by milk.

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