Dairy Council Helps Power Up Breakfast

Dairy Council of CA Helps Power Up Breakfast

Dairy’s health halo continues to grow as new research uncovers more about the unique benefits in a range of dairy products.

This new evidence strengthens the position that Dairy Council of California advocates—that milk contains an irreplaceable package of nutrients and is essential to a healthy eating pattern.

The six-month “Better Days Begin With a Balanced Breakfast” campaign used social media, the HealthyEating.org website and print media to reach more children, health professionals and consumers with information on how to make healthy choices at breakfast. The effort encouraged families to boost the nutritional quality of that first meal of the day by including more selections of milk, cheese and yogurt with other food-group foods.

“Since our inception, we’ve been educating children and families about the importance of making healthy choices, including milk and dairy products, through our print programs,” said Sara Floor, Dairy Council of California Communications Manager. “Because people are increasingly looking at food’s role in overall health and wellness, this was a perfect time to extend these messages to an even broader audience.”

The campaign garnered nearly 500 third-party (e.g., health professionals, journalists, influential bloggers) mentions, resulting in a combined print and online reach of up to 180 million.