Dairy Council Annual Report

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Message From the CEO

Advocacy Is About Passion

As I closed out my second year as CEO, I found myself reflecting initially on a few of the challenges dairy faces: Milk’s role as part of the diet is being questioned, and new competition to milk and milk products is mounting. While it may be easy to focus on negative forces, I see our current environment as one that poses not challenges, but opportunities. See full story.

Advocacy at Work

At Dairy Council of California, we reach millions of people through our print programs—but our work extends beyond the numbers. Our passionate team is making a difference day in and day out spreading dairy-positive messages in a variety of ways. Meet our team and see examples of Dairy Council of California at work.


Chairman of the Board

The Future is Bright for Dairy Industry

During the past two years, Dairy Council of California has become a true 21st century organization delivering dairy-positive nutrition campaigns to many more Californians. See full story.

Dairy Council of CA Helps Power Up Breakfast

Dairy’s health halo continues to grow as new research uncovers more about the unique benefits in a range of dairy products.

This new evidence strengthens the position that Dairy Council of California advocates—that milk contains an irreplaceable package of nutrients and is essential to a healthy eating pattern. Read more.

By the Numbers

Your Money at Work

2013-2014 Expenditures

Dairy Council of California continues to increase its reach and impact, offering the dairy industry a solid return on investment.

Program Spotlight