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Feeding Your Family

Usually, when we think about feeding our family, we might think about what healthy meals we should prepare or how to get kids to eat healthier snacks. However, feeding a family takes a larger strategy and some long-term planning, because raising a healthy eater is a major feat that is not accomplished in a day.

If we want to raise children who eat healthy, enjoy sweets in moderation and know how to behave politely at the table, we need to understand that it is a slow journey that takes patience and persistence. Plus, it often starts with ourselves since we are the most important role models for our children.

Read on for guidance from our team of registered dietitian nutritionist moms on ways to handle feeding issues and develop a plan to raise a healthy eater.

5 Steps to a Healthier Family

Create healthy eaters who appreciate good food and a healthy body. These eating and meal planning tips will help parents make your families healthier!

Being a Healthy Role Model for Your Food Shadow

Being a good role model is important because children will want to do exactly what their parents do.

Dad Plays an Important Role at the Table

Both parents can teach children about good nutrition and healthy eating habits during family meals. Learn how to “man-up” and be your child’s healthy eating role model.

Getting Conversation Back on the Dinner Table

In an age where every family member is tied to an electronic device, it’s important to come together as a family to eat, connect and share. One mom of five tells how she does it.

Give A Little, Get A Lot

Learn the philosophy behind Division of Responsibility feeding, in which the parent provides healthy foods at meals and snack time, and the kids decide if, what and how much they will eat.

Healthy Eating Starts with Parent Role Models

Our children learn from what we do much more than what we say. Being a healthy eating role model goes a long way to developing lifelong healthy habits in children.

Mealtime at Grandma’s House

Creating positive mealtime experiences leads to healthy eating behaviors in children. Parents are the best role models for healthy eating.

Seven Things Parents Need to Know About Kids and Mealtime

Guide your children to a healthy lifestyle by being healthy eating role models. Follow seven simple rules to make family meals a healthy, positive experience for the whole family.

Ten Simple Ways Parents can Eat, Play, Love to Raise Healthy Eaters

Feeding children can be a challenge and dealing with picky eaters is no picnic! Follow these guidelines and tips from Registered Dietitians and raise a healthy eater!

Tips for Eating Out with Kids

Learn some simple tips for having more enjoyable, healthy and affordable family meals when dining in restaurants.

How to Plan Meals in 4 Simple Steps