Power Up Your Breakfast game for students

Power Up Your Breakfast Teacher Page

The Power Up Your Breakfast interactive game was designed for Transitional Kindergarten through second grade students (4- to 8-year-olds). Classroom nutrition education lessons provide students the opportunity to summarize and reflect on what they learned in this eLearning breakfast activity.

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten: Building a Healthy Me, an eight-unit nutrition education program that gives students the foundation they need to make healthy food choices and talk with their families about food.

First and Second grade: Healthy Choices, Healthy Me, a ten-lesson program for first and second grade classrooms that focuses on food choice behaviors while aligning with Core Curriculum State Standards for Language Arts and Math.

Power Up Your Breakfast has three different levels and there are learning objectives associated with each level: 
Level 1      
Recognize which breakfast foods fit in the food groups.  
Choose any foods from the 5 food groups for breakfast.

Level 2
Choose any 2 foods from 2 different food groups for breakfast. 

Level 3
Students choose a 3 out of 5 for breakfast (1) protein or dairy + (1) fruit or veg + (1) grain.
Encourage family members to eat breakfast daily.

Registered teachers have access to additional resources such as a food group songs, vocabulary cards and extension activities on the grade-level nutrition education lesson pages.

Game Directions and Information

The student answers the first two questions as the game begins. There is audio so non-readers can play. After selecting an answer, the user clicks "Next."

After entering the kitchen, the student selects a food by clicking it with the mouse or touching with a touch screen. Once selected, the food should be dragged to the plate. Students can select no more than 5 foods for breakfast.

To win the game at the highest level, the student needs to select foods from these food groups:

  • Dairy OR Protein
  • Fruit OR Vegetable
  • Grains

If the student wins level 3, they receive the Boost Your Breakfast coloring sheet to share with their family and discuss the importance of eating a balanced breakfast everyday!

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