Learn why breakfast and sleep are important for your health and success
healthy breakfast ideas

Breaking the Fast

After a day of meals and snacking, sleep is a welcome rest for the muscles. It’s also an extended time of not eating or drinking. The morning gives the opportunity to “break the fast,” with breakfast! Take our quiz, then learn the “3 out of 5” breakfast model for the best breakfasts.

Take our quiz, which combination of foods provides a balanced breakfast with 3 out of the 5 food groups?


A. Piece of fruit and hard-boiled egg
B. Granola bar and glass of milk
C. Yogurt with fruit and toast

Build a Healthy Breakfast

Download the Weekly Breakfast Planner

healthy breakfast plannerClick on the image to download the planner, then fill in what you plan to serve for breakfast each day. As you make your plan, check-off the food groups to include the "3 Out of 5" that will provide energy to last until lunch!

Connecting Eating and Sleep

How much and when you sleep can affect your eating pattern.

According to sleep experts, only one in three teens gets the recommended number of hours of sleep each night—9 to 10 hours. Here are habits you could change that may be affecting your sleep.

  • Consuming moderate to high caffeine.
  • Use of electronics after 9:00 P.M.
  • Screen time in the later hours—whether TV, computer, or phone.
  • Excessive snacking late at night.